24 January 2011

She's out of my league

Hilarious romantic love story. This was my second movie of Jay Baruchel and I am really impressed with this fluke ;-)(a lanky creature having galore acting skills).

The genre is not novel, its the same dork gets the diva, but the presentation is really refreshing.

I recommend it for cynical singles, friends don't despair:-)

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20 January 2011

chat application in java

I recently created a chat application in java which is based on client-server interaction model.

The server can't handle too much load(at max 50) as I am not using any database.

Following features of java are exploited :


The server application is running on the IIITA server(atleast 23*6 if not 24*7)

I am attaching the link to download the "client application"

click me

Its not a big project but just the basic one which is playing with sockets and threads. If any one needs its source code, let me know.

see ya in the chat box ;)

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