22 February 2012

Amdocs's placement experience

In this post , I want to share my experience of cracking Amdocs which was a combined product of god's grace and mutual cooperation ;-) .
Before Amdocs came in the campus , I already had the offer from GroupSoft , so , I was not fretting but yes,was wishing to crack it. 

Abstract details:
·         Total rounds- 3(online test, technical and hr interview)
·         Online test is conducted by MeriTrac and duration is 2 hours
·         There is no negative marking
·         The online test consist of different sections and to the best of my knowledge, there is a sectional cut-off.
·         The domain of the question paper are :
Ø  English comprehension (level was quite good )
Ø  Logical questions (level was good)
Ø  Quantitative questions (rs aggarwal is sufficient)
Ø  c/c++/java questions (You have to choose 1 language. I chose c language and I believe “Test your c skills” is more than enough to crack this section. Questions were mainly from pointers, bit-wise operators and outputs)
Ø  SQL (seriously very tough)
Ø  Unix (commands only. You can bank upon  Sambita Das unix book)

Tips for online exam:
As I have already mentioned that most probably there is a sectional cut off , so friends you can’t compromise with any section.
I had a group of three and we had different forte (I had very primitive knowledge of unix still I cleared the section …don’t think need to tell how ;-) )
If possible, try to crack it in a group (plz note that favorable ambience is not guaranteed always. May be a strict invigilator come at your time. So hope for the best and prepare for the worst)
Questions are same for all, just their order is changed, so be attentive.

 Technical interview:
Only 1 person was there. The questions were:                                                                                             
 ØExplanation of  final year B.Tech project(Questions from it)
 ØCurrent thesis work in M.Tech(Questions from it)
    Ø The challenges I faced in the projects and how I dealt with them
 ØA code -> to arrange the no.s in descending order(yes I guess I was lucky that day J)
 ØSome simple SQL queries.

Note :  I was lucky that my technical interviewer didn’t ask any question from unix but another interviewer who was taking interviews in another room, was asking unix questions also(commands and shell scripts)

HR interview:
Two people were there.

ØThe 1st and basic question->Describe yourself. I mentioned about my +ve traits only,so,they asked if I have any –ve point also and what I am doing to tackle it?

ØWhy Amdocs?

ØThey mainly asked questions from what I had described about myself

ØHR was mainly an interaction session,they were briefing about the company and opportunities there.

ØAt last they asked me if I want to ask any question from them,so, be prepared for it too…(imp)

 All the best guys…J

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